Hybrid Cloud File Sharing

Business users need a simple way to access and share files with team members, customers and partners. Soma IT’s Hybrid Cloud File Sharing delivers enterprise calibre file sharing for businesses by combining the speed and security of local storage with the accessibility of the cloud. Users easily store, share, access and back up their files, while IT retains centralized administration and control to enforce business policies.

  • Set up a central shared repository for files across the entire company
  • Centrally administer users and access using granular permissions
  • Access and share files, anytime, anywhere from Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or any web enabled device
  • Share extremely large files with instant FTP capability
  • Easily share files with employees and business partners
  • Securely distribute and share large files using links
  • Provide offline access to individual users or entire office locations
  • Implement disaster-preparedness plans using online file storage
  • Avoid purchase and maintenance of file servers, virtual private networks (VPN) and point-products such as FTP


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