About Us

Soma Information Technology is an Australian company founded in 2004 and is recognised as one of the most reliable and stable Gold Coast IT companies in the industry. We support all business types from small locally run companies to large national and multi national corporations.

We offer in-house and remote management on all systems, networks and hardware. We offer both traditional and cloud IT solutions. We consistently keep up to date with and educate ourselves in the ultra fast moving world of technology and are able to keep your company one step ahead of the competition.

We have all worked in IT for many years and are able to communicate with you and your staff in a professional manner while relaying the information using everyday language because we want you to fully understand the service and products we offer. We also don’t want you to fall asleep or lapse into a mild coma having to listen to ultra geeky computer talk. We offer a 30 minute call back service should you not reach us straight away and are committed to providing efficient service with up to date solutions.

Our Gold Coast offices ensure that one of our technicians is never far away and every bit as important is our 7 day per week help desk designed to support clients both locally and nationally. General Manager Aaron Prout deals first hand with all clients. An ardent believer of providing quality customer service he is always accessible should you have any queries or questions.

With a wealth of knowledge in the areas of information technology and the communications industry, our honest, no nonsense approach to your IT management and support needs, ensures that you get the solution you need, on time and on budget. Each project is specifically tailored to your business, we don’t believe one size fits all. We guarantee a package specifically designed to your business’ requirements.

Soma IT has long standing, professional relationships with both major and locally run suppliers and manufacturers. We work closely with conglomerates such as Telstra and Microsoft and are therefore able to provide you with the best and most reliable solutions for your organisation. We will manage, instruct, control and liaise with all of your technical service providers and suppliers. We monitor all your critical systems and provide complete reporting and transparency.  This means you can get on with doing what you do best; looking after your business.